Empowering Communities through Value-Aligned Partnerships and Project Leadership

Green Pearl is not just a project consultant – we are a motivating force that empowers our clients to create necessary change in their lives and communities. Every project has potential to be transformative, but a high percentage of important ideas fail when put into action. Green Pearl promises to deliver results that have a real impact.

Whether you have just the concept of an idea – or a well-defined project that requires specific coordination, we can step in at any stage. Our experience working in chaotic environments and the ability to wear many hats will give you much needed relief.

Let Green Pearl guide you through the project management process to achieve all of your desired goals.


Conceiving The Idea

It’s been forming for a long while and now it’s time to solidify an idea into words.

We offer: 

  • Proposals (Projects, Grant, RFP, Investor.)
  • Technical Writing
  • Stakeholder Identification

Ideas begin to form when they can be explained to others in a clear way.
Green Pearl offers assistance in creating proposals and content so that our clients can communicate and promote their ideas to the people that matter. We can also identify which stakeholders need to be involved in the conversation.

An offer For You


A professional proposal is a great way to show a specific group that you are serious and have thought about your idea. Green Pearl recommends using proposals as a tool to get funding and community support in the initial stages.

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Deciding On Details

After the concept has broken through the surface, it’s time to decide on which direction to go and what strategies to use

We Provide:

  • Estimates and Budgets
  • Detailed Schedules
  • Project Management Plans
  • Risk Assessment
  • Communication Plans
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Stakeholder Lists
  • Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Organizational Hierarchy Mapping
  • Event Planning
  • Marketing Plans
  • Fundraising & Sponsorship Agreements

Green Pearl will help define the project, make measurable goals, and create detailed documents that clearly outline the scope of the work. The planning stage is the most important step in achieving goals.


Transforming Into Action

With feet firmly on the ground and a plan in place, it’s time to act.

  • Coordination of Tasks & Team
  • Project Health Evaluation
  • Status Reports
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Record Keeping
  • Organizational & Process Improvement
  • Creating & Recording Procedures
  • Training For Digital Tools
  • Database Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Event Management
  • Promotional Material
  • Website Development & Content Writing
  • Material Procurement

Green Pearl Will..

Hire people. Order materials. Spend money. Coordinate efforts and the team, complete tasks outlined in the plan and monitor performance along the way.


Reaching Goals

Stand on top of a peak and look at how far you’ve come – it’s time to celebrate! When the project goals are reached.

We Provide:

  • Reports
  • Lessons Learned Documentation
  • Feedback Collection
  • Closing Contracts
  • Project Accounting Close-Out
  • Handover to Client
  • Team Celebration Event
The closing stage is focused on analyzing the results and using feedback to highlight learnings and suggestions on what could be done better next time. Green Pearl advocates for celebrating and rewarding your hard working team! Then plan for next steps.

The First Step Is To Start

We Are Commited To Helping You Climb That Mountain

No matter which stage you are in completing your projects or goals, whether you haven’t begun, are lost along the way, or need a push to finish the final stretch – Green Pearl can assist you. We want to empower local initiatives to reach their full potential.


What Resources Do We have to offer?

Coming together as a community means letting go of negative connotations around the idea of competition. Green Pearl believes in open Information and the sharing of tools that allow others to succeed. Explore the links to free resources below and do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for a specific template or tool.


Tools to help you create a viable business plan


A full list of free proposal templates and writing tips


Learn about project management through the PMI blog

Do You have the tools?

Unsure if they are being used efficiently?

Green Pearl offers advice on organizational structures, process improvement and standard work procedures to help your organization run smoothly.