Our ideal projects have a strong focus on local impact

The end goals of each client may be quite different – but planning practices and management techniques apply to any project, in any industry.

Green Pearl offers the expertise and enthusiasm to move initiatives forward.
If you are unsure if your project aligns, book a call and ask.

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Community Food trailer

Community Group Project

Fixing up and certifying a mobile food trailer that is available to use by entrepreneurs, event planners, and local groups etc. as a resource for serving food at local events and businesses. As part of the team, Green Pearl Helped with:

  • Procured Materials
  • Certification Paperwork
  • Coordinate Team Members
  • Labour to Fix Trailer

Lillooet Library


The main focus of this contract was to re-engage the community in library services, programs and events post-covid and to draw in a qualified candidate for an entry-level management position. Green Pearl helped with:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Community Engagement
  • Coordinating Youth Program
  • Website Development
  • Strategic Planning for Hiring
  • Staff Training on Digital Tools

Get Information From the Library Website

Alderhill Planning

Indigenous Owned Planning Firm

Green Pearl had a short contract helping with note-taking and facilitation during the virtual First Nations Policing and Restorative Justice Forum. This included:
  • Professional Meeting Minutes
  • Facilitation In Breakout Groups

Cabin Build

Private Client

Green Pearl managed this project in its entirety, from the idea’s initiation to the final stages of construction. Using project expertise and gathering information from experienced builders, we planned and coordinated the construction process.
  • Obtaining Quotes
  • Estimates
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Budgeting
  • Hiring Recommendations
  • Coordination on Site
  • Project Status Updates

Sowilo Foods

Local Food Truck Business

This small business was stuck after facing challenges with the district and trying to get a plan approved for where to operate. Green Pearl helped with:
  • Business Planning
  • Startup and Operating Estimates
  • Communication With District

Cigarette Recycling

Community Project

This project started as a small initiative that focused on cleaning up cigarette butt litter and doing educational campaigning at local events. It grew into the beginnings of a new non-for-profit!

  • Event Planning
  • Community Engagement
  • Positive Education for the Public
  • Outreach & Education on Topic
  • NFP Governance Documentation
  • Project Proposals
  • Project Advising

Take a look at re:FILTER’s website

Rivershed Society


Responsible for the co-development and execution of an outdoor education program called River Clinics that ran for several years. Green Pearl helped with:

  • Program Proposals
  • Developing Budget
  • Acquiring Sponsorships
  • Building Project Team
  • Marketing & Community Engagement
  • Event Management
  • Monitoring Execution of Program
  • Collecting Feedback

Learn more about Rivershed’s programs

LNS Services

Industrial Design-Build Contractor

After years of experience in the industry as an employee, Green Pearl was contracted to continue to assist on various jobs as a project coordinator and junior project manager. A LNS we did:
  • Bid Proposals
  • Financial Management
  • Document Control
  • Marketing Documents
  • Site Coordination
  • Process Analysis & Improvement
  • Safety Program Development


Coming Together

The reason we do this work is to support community growth. Thanks to all of the people in our community from all over BC that are leaders in their fields and working on remarkable projects

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Featured Community Projects

LOGO Cariboo Compost


Diverting green waste from the landfill by offering a home pick-up service for compost



A social enterprise that brings together local organizations and supports ChangeMakers

LOGO Let's Grow Stuff


Indigenous food consultant that aims to build food security in the community