About Green Pearl

Our Story

My name is Megan Rempel. I graduated from BCIT’s project management program and became a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) in 2016.

For years, I worked as a coordinator in industrial construction at the ports of Vancouver. My role in this company is the foundation of my expertise, because I was supported to learn and take on more responsibility. This experience made me truly believe in small to midsize companies that train their staff to be hands on and flexible in their roles. I loved my work team and managers but felt drawn to doing professional work that created social change.

Green Pearl was founded in early 2018, a couple of years after I participated in the Sustainable Living Leadership Program and spent 28 days journeying down the length of the Fraser River. The founder of the organization asked me to join his team and so I began a project consulting company to be able to take on multiple clients – to assist people and/or groups that shared my values.

In the spring of 2020, I moved to Lillooet, British Columbia – a rural town on the Fraser River that is unceded territory of six St’át’imc nations. After experiencing life off-grid and completing several building projects, I have become involved in local initiatives… and am happy to call this place my home. I will continue to offer professional and volunteer services in the Lillooet community to move forward projects that have impact.


The Name

Green Comes First

When starting up I wanted to focus on clients that were completing projects related to sustainability and the environment. Green is also a colour associated with the heart.

Pearl was chosen, because of the Greek/Welsh/Latin origins of the name Megan which are: pearl, strong, capable, mighty. A pearl starts as a sand spec and under immense pressure, it grows and it transforms into something new.


Empowering Our Community

We believe in empowering our clients and community members to be leaders.

The foundation of Green Pearl is based on the belief that many people can make great things happen with the right support and encouragement. All people, groups, societies, businesses etc. have the potential to be leaders in their field. Leadership means having an attitude of collaboration, equality between team members and willingness to communicate through uncomfortable situations. We choose clients that value this and are willing to work and grow together.

Project management is a set of skills and related tools that are just as important to success as leadership. Green Pearl uses project management as a basis for how to guide clients to the completion of their goals.

Team Up With Green Pearl

Green Pearl Is Developing Quickly!

We are looking for driven people that may be interested in joining the team. Do you align with what we offer? Tell us about yourself.