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Providing Project Planning Services since 2018. Based in Lillooet, British Columbia.

About Us

About Green Pearl

As a community project consultant, we provide planning, coordination and management services that bring ideas to life, from local initiatives and small business start-ups to organizational process improvement, strategic planning sessions, and program development.
Green Pearl has a mission to empower citizens, grass-roots groups, collectives, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, non-for-profits and private corporations to take on innovative and collaborative projects that positively impact their community.


Services We Offer


Leading clients through each step of the project life cycle to transform an idea into reality.

  • Proposals (Project, Grant, Investor, RFP, Solicited)
  • Estimates and Budgets
  • Detailed Schedules
  • Project Management Plans
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Coordination of Tasks & Team Members
  • Project Health Evaluation


Providing direction on business startups and day-to-day processes, to ensure business goals are met.

  • Business Plans
  • Start-Up Budgets & Operations Estimates
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Meeting Facilitation & Record Keeping
  • Database Analysis
  • Organizational & Process Improvement
  • Training for Digital Tools


Connecting clients and their initiatives with the efforts of the surrounding community and key people.

  • Event Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Partnership Recommendations
  • Fundraising & Sponsorship Agreements
  • Marketing Plans
  • Promotional Material
  • Website Development & Content Writing


Why Green Pearl is the Solution


Green Pearl takes on contracts that are value-aligned, so our clients can be confident that we are personally invested and committed to completing their goals. We seek partnerships that focus on collaboration.


When you have a big idea, it can be difficult to get started. Green Pearl is a motivating force that highlights the next steps – meeting clients where they are and leading them to the completion of their projects.


A crucial piece of project success is creating good relationships with people and groups in the community. Local connections and knowledge are a direct benefit to the clients we serve.


What Our Clients Say

At Green Pearl we thrive on solving challenges and enjoy working with teams from all walks of life.


What is Project Management?

We are all managing projects.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a project as:
“a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.”

The basics of project management include planning, organizing, securing, leading, and coordinating resources and tasks to achieve goals. Project managers

  • determine strategies to start the project
  • assess and understand needs
  • bring the right people on board
  • create the culture of the team
  • and monitor the progress of the work until complete

Green Pearl will lead you through the project process.